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Scenting Your Spa and Fitness Center

- Why Scent your Spa and Fitness Center?


Most Spa and Fitness Managers are aware of aromatherapy. But did you know that scent can be used in many other applications, and can have a positive effect on the behaviors and emotions of customers and staff?

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, it’s no secret that fitness often tops the list, and gym owners and marketers know it. During training, clever gym operators use aroma-therapeutic and fragrance marketing to differentiate themselves in a highly saturated market. Margaritaville guests walk through the spa on their way to the gym, but are often displaced by the scent at the entrance and eventually buy branded products. Aromas and scents such as the uplifting and soothing aromas of lavender, rosemary, lemon, basil, thyme, cinnamon, ginger and more lift the senses.

The smell will encourage potential new members to go elsewhere, which is good for business but bad for their health and fitness goals.

With fragrance marketing in your fitness business, you create a unique selling point that many competitors lack, and it also gives you the opportunity to offer your customers subtle but tangible sales arguments. Consider how you want your customers to perceive your brand while they are in the room, and then choose an essential oil or oil blend to achieve this. While you can use essential oils to spread throughout your store, you should consider the aroma-therapeutic benefits and effects before you start pumping out fragrances. If you use aromatherapy for your wellness products, fragrance marketing will give you a complete experience and identity for yourself. How do you want the customer to feel like you and be in this room? ; what do you think, what would you like them to feel relaxed in?

A soothing aroma is ideal for steam baths and massage studios, while an energy-boosting blend livens up the atmosphere in the fitness department, allowing members to get more out of their workouts. If you want to speed up your pace again, all for relaxation, you can jump into an exciting fitness class with an aromatherapy blend.

Strengthen your muscles in the fitness centre, deepen your stretches or simply pamper yourself with a therapeutic massage or professional pedicure. Rejuvenate yourself with one of nine spa treatments that will help you heal your body and give you a good feeling for autumn. Relax with an outdoor yoga class in the poolside gazebo or relax in the spa with yoga classes, massages and invigorating stretches.

According to the Global Spa Report, the main reason people visit spas is their health and well-being – their well-being, not their money. The spa industry must take into account that everything should be geared to the health, well being and well-being of its customers, not just to profit.

The inclusion of fragrances in your wellness marketing plan is new and complex, but can be an important step towards improving the customer experience and overall customer experience. In spas and fitness centers, choosing the right fragrance, which is used as essential oil, not only supports your brand marketing, but also improves the overall experience of your guests. Reception is one of the first things you get to know in a fitness club, so why not impress members with a welcoming and inviting scent in the shops and increase the likelihood that you will be able to come back for fragrances that directly influence your buying decision.

Researchers and marketers have known for years the emotional impact of scents on our buying behaviors. The use of a quality scent has been proven to cause shoppers to browse for longer in retail studies. In addition, consumers feel they are getting a higher quality product at a better value. Our sense of smell is the only sense that is directly hard-wired to our limbic system which controls memory and emotion. Research has shown that the quality of the aroma will dictate how effective the results will be. Air Esscentials® only uses the highest quality fragrance to assure the results you are looking for. Air Esscentials® has delivered its diffusion technology to retail, hospitality, entertainment and service industries all over the world for more than seven years. Its laboratory has developed custom blends and signature scents for some of the world’s leading service industry brands. Let Air Esscentials® create a memorable shopping experience for your customers where they can‘t wait to come back. Air Esscentials®’ customers include: Universal Studios, Dunhill, Z Gallerie, US Polo, Versace, Modani, Out of the Closet, Club Med, Hyatt and many more.

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