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Scenting Your Special Events

- Why Scent your Special Events?


The most powerful link between the human sense of smell and consumer behavior can now be harnessed to create an environment where consumers spend more.

Good events have a variety of compelling elements, and many heritage sites can find ways to use smells as a stimulus for conversation. An excellent article from Aleit Events (https: / / / events / events – fragrant – events) gives a great overview of how to use scents to create a mood. Fragrances crack an event, but they’re not the only thing: good food, good music, good atmosphere and good smells.

This allows organizers to create a festival of common phenomena that increases the audience loyalty, leaves lasting impressions and brings a wow factor to the improvement of the event status. When planning a major event at a venue, integrate creative spaces with mood – and use music to stimulate discussion throughout the entire major event. You can choose to strategically incorporate flavors into the layout and synchronize them with the event’s activities.

Another way to bring fragrances to an event is to strategically combine them into a theme. The fragrance, of whatever kind, must be in harmony with the environment in which the particular fragrance is spread. A tailor-made olfactory landscape can be designed to focus on the most important elements of the collection and accentuate them with a scent.

There are many areas of the sports arena where scents are particularly important, especially at sporting events. We must constantly try to cultivate the fragrance, both inside and outside the sports arena.

We look at the occasion, setting, layout and guest list and then design a fragrance program tailored to the occasion. If you present yourself in a different outfit for different occasions, you will have a suitable room scent.

In a process that differs from traditional fragrance creation, the fragrance is selected to represent an emotional trigger. This is a unique fragrance that evokes memories of an associated product or event, whether it is a childhood incident or a recent event. It’s almost instantaneous, and there’s a physiological cascade that follows, so scents really are a great way to quickly change the mood. Perhaps it is an even deeper way for us to grasp this memory, to bring back an emotion – filled memory.

You can create fragrances that attract the attention of your audience, create an inimitable and universally understandable olfactory landscape and create a thematic attraction to try out, which is one of the most important aspects of a specific fragrance process for events. If you are holding a more in-depth event with your group, you can also provide expert support to help them create their own fragrant or fragrant products.

Researchers and marketers have known for years the emotional impact of scents on our buying behaviors. The use of a quality scent has been proven to cause shoppers to browse for longer in retail studies. In addition, consumers feel they are getting a higher quality product at a better value. Our sense of smell is the only sense that is directly hard-wired to our limbic system which controls memory and emotion. Research has shown that the quality of the aroma will dictate how effective the results will be. Air Esscentials® only uses the highest quality fragrance to assure the results you are looking for. Air Esscentials® has delivered its diffusion technology to retail, hospitality, entertainment and service industries all over the world for more than seven years. Its laboratory has developed custom blends and signature scents for some of the world’s leading service industry brands. Let Air Esscentials® create a memorable shopping experience for your customers where they can‘t wait to come back. Air Esscentials®’ customers include: Universal Studios, Dunhill, Z Gallerie, US Polo, Versace, Modani, Out of the Closet, Club Med, Hyatt and many more.

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